Take a ride aboard the Carolina Sternwheeler : 1of 2
As the Carolina Sternwheeler began its counter-clockwise journey around the island, this is one of the first views you would've seen. You can barely make out the Speedway (right, center) but the Goldrusher and the Skyway are much more visible as well as the Carolina Cyclone's red track in the distance.
Another 1980 view from aboard the Sternwheeler "Carolina Queen" just as it begins its counter-clockwise scenic journey around the island seen in the foreground. Look closely between the trees on the island and you can see the White Lightnin' train going through the loop. Another great way to see the park was the Skyway ride, seen along the top of the photo, and the monorail which can barely be seen in this photo near the base of the Skyway support tower. None of these rides exist today at Carowinds, the Sternwheeler being the last of this bunch removed in 2003.
Many rides are visible from the Carolina Sternwheeler during its counter-clockwise journey around the island. In this 1980 view, the White Lightnin' train is seen making the loop in the distance. Just below that, is the covered brake run for the Goldrusher coaster. And traversing along the bottom of this photo is the Monorail. Only the Goldrusher remains today.
The best views of the Goldrusher coaster were from the Carolina Sternwheeler. Besides the Skyway, this paddleboat offered an incredible view of this ride. The orange train seen here is no longer in use and was last seen laying on its side under Thunder Road during the late 90's. It was most likely used for its parts for the remaining 2 trains.
As the Sternwheeler continues rounding the island, it offered this great view looking back at the Goldrusher. The Monorail, White Lightnin' and the Carolina Cyclone could also be seen.
the above photos all courtesy of Doug Garner