The McClelland House was situated along the Shortline RR, on the southern edge of the park, a couple hundred feet west of the McClelland Chapel. This beautiful farm house was an original structure built in the 1860's by the McClelland family, according to an email from a family member I recently received. Although details are sketchy, it is thought that the house was destroyed when the contractors attempted to move it in 1975 for the addition of the Thunder Road roller coaster. More details will follow this interesting new development.
Gospel music would fill the air at the McClelland Chapel on the hill behind Country Crossroads. According to an email I recently received from a McClelland family member, the Chapel was built as part of an agreement between the McClellands and Pat Hall to commemorate the Presbyterian church the family was very involved with. They also wanted a petting zoo on the park site to represent the property's long farming past. Sadly, the Chapel was torn down sometime after 2000.