The Sound Circus was located in the "Contemporary Carolinas" section across from the Monorail station. It had a small performance stage and a circular, recessed seating area. A 1977 renovation added more seating, but removed the tall red, white and blue tent structure that adorned the Sound Circus for 4 years. One of the more popular shows at the Sound Circus was "I Believe in Country" which played in 1981-'82. The show was sponsored by Bost Bakery. This area of the park was re-named "Carolina Midway" in 1975 and then changed names again in 1982 to "Carolina Showplace" which it kept for 20 years until 2002. During that time, the area was totally transformed in 1992 when the Vortex stand-up coaster was added. The Sound Circus and Monorail were both dismantled at the end of the 1994 season. This area was re-themed and renamed "Carolina Boardwalk" in 2002 with the addition of the Ricochet coaster and that has not changed as of 2013.