Land clearing began in 1970. This view looking west notes part of the circular drop-off lane and entrance plaza. Look closely near the top center portion of the photo and you can see the plantation house entrance building.
The 340ft Skytower is coming along and the park is taking shape nicely.
A welder constructing the 340ft skytower.
The tower is nearing completion in this 1972 photo.
The Powder Keg Flume's man made mountain is formed and some concrete is poured for the final splashdown. Here is an amazing comparison photo of the flume during it's birth and demise. Almost hard to tell which is which...
The Powder Kegs cars are loaded onto the conveyer lift one by one
where they will be stored temporarily.
The Sound Circus tent and Monorail posts are in place. Also note the Magic Theater (right) and Frontier Outpost buildings taking shape.
The Pirate Boat, known as Blackbeard's Hold, under construction in 1972 for the Pirate Island section of Carowinds.
The Goldrusher station house was built around the above track.
The 2 mile long Monorail track is nearing completion.
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