The "Country Crossroads County Fair" section was added to Carowinds in 1979, in the area where Thunder Road opened in 1976. The newly themed area was advertised as having gypsies, jugglers and 4 new rides! The new rides were the Meteorite, Whirling Dervish, Wild Bull and the Dodgems (Bumper Cars). The Whirling Dervish was relocated to a sister park in CA in 2000, and the Wild Bull was removed after the 1998 season for the construction of Top Gun (now called After Burn). The Meteorite (aka: Scream Weaver) was located to what is known now as the Thrill Zone area in 1993. This area today is simply known as "County Fair" and since the 2015 demolition of Thunder Road, the only original ride left here now is the Dodgems.