The $2 million Carolina Cyclone opened on March 22, 1980 in the Frontier Outpost section. Note: The Frontier Outpost area was renamed Blue Ridge Junction in 1982 and later re-themed and re-named Carolina Boardwalk in 2002.
This ride is significant in the history of Carowinds in that it was the first coaster in the world to open with 4 inversions! The record was held for barely 2 weeks when another 4 inversion coaster opened in Missouri on April 4th, 1980. These views of the Carolina Cyclone were taken in 1980, just 2 months after it opened. Looks like the leftover track paint was used on the Midway Music Hall....
Nearly 36 years later, the Carolina Cyclone is still taking on screaming riders. It has had various paint schemes over the years and currently sports a new multi-color track with blue supports scheme that was done in 2010.
The Cyclone train heading towards the lift hill in this 1980 photo and to the right, a wonderful view of the train going through one of the corkscrew loops.

All photos courtesy of Doug Garner
Carolina Cyclone announcement in 1979 - HERE
Carolina Cyclone under construction in 1980 - HERE