The Flying Dutchman (1973-84) was first seen by Pat Hall at an expo in Osaka, Japan and he decided to buy one for Carowinds. It was located on Pirate Island but was removed at the end of the 1984 season. A unique simulator ride named Blackbeard's Revenge was relocated from the 1984 Louisiana World's Fair and opened on this spot in 1985. It remained there for an impressive 15 years before it was removed to make room for The Flying Super Saturator coaster which opened April 1, 2000. That ride has since been removed for another coaster, the Carolina Cobra, which made it's debut in 2009.

The Flying Super Saturator coaster (left photo above) opened April 1, 2000 and closed after the 2008 season. In 2009, the Carolina Cobra (right photo) was relocated to that area from the now defunct Geauga Lake Park, and is currently in the general area of the original Flying Dutchman (1973-84). Along with the Carolina Cobra; Blackbeard's Revenge (1985-1999), Boat Tag (1993-96) & The Flying Super Saturator (2000-08) were the 4 attractions all located where the Flying Dutchman use to be.