Pat Hall was once quoted as saying he wanted the state line to be visible from the air at night. So he lined the state line with gold lights which can be seen in this nighttime photo. This 1973 view shows the front entrance area known as "Plantation Square" as seen from the Eastern Airlines sponsored Skytower ride. You can see the old Meeting House as well as the Post office building directly behind it, both of which are long gone.

Most of the buildings on this side of the bridge have been removed. The area was transformed into "Paramount Plaza" in 2001 with a collection of contemporary deco style buildings. Today hardly any of these original buildings exist in what is now known as "Carowinds Plaza". Notice the flags at half mast on this Memorial Day weekend.

Gone, is the gold painted state line so prevalent in the early years. Now the state line pretty much blends in with the other brick pavers seen throughout the park. Notice the flags at half mast on this 2009 Memorial Day weekend.
The Plantation House and entrance area look relatively the same between the 1980 photo and the 2013 photo. The Plantation House entrance was demolished in 2014 and a larger, more efficient entry plaza opened in 2015.