This gateway to Carowinds is a composite of a number of famous colonial mansions in Carolina history. Ticket windows are located on both sides of the state line which passes through the center of the building. In the foreground is the carriage from the 1939 film classic, "Gone With the Wind."
The Plantation House entrance was demolished late in the 2014 season in preparation for their newest attraction, FURY 325. The world's largest giga coaster. A beautiful new, modern, open-air entrance plaza opened in 2015.
One of the more common attractions used in large theme parks are the trams that shuttle guests to and from the parking lot. Still widely used in other parks today, Carowinds abandoned their use of these trams in 1978 when the south gate entrance opened. For what reason, I don't know. I use to have a love/hate feeling towards the thought of being crammed in shoulder to shoulder with people you don't won't touching you, but also as a sort of bonding with other kids as excited as you are. Today, when I visit other parks that use them, I am just grateful for the ride!
Above, is a scan of an original bumper sticker I have. These were plentiful during the parks first few years. During the parks first year, 1973, you would actually have a bumper sticker attached to your bumper by a park employee while you were inside the park. I don't think they could get away with that today. Six Flags over Georgia did the same thing in the late 60's.