The view above is looking westward from one of two small bridges that led to Pirate Island. Note the extensive amount of fish netting used to set the island theme. The name "Pirate Island" was temporarily changed to "Coastal Isle" in 1982 with the addition of the wave pool. The wave pool was then changed to Ocean Island" and "Pirate Island" resumed it's identity at least until 1989 until Rip Tide Reef was added. This area is now known as "Carolina R.F.D.".

Note the Flying Dutchman ride in the background in the above photo. A simulator ride known as Blackbeard's Revenge opened in place of the Flying Dutchman in 1985 and lasted until 1999. The photo below is taken from the approximate location as the photo shown above.
Located in the approximate area of the old Flying Dutchman, and later, Blackbeard's Revenge, was a unique new ride called "The Flying Super Saturator" (2000-2008). This was an interactive water coaster developed by Setpoint in Utah. Carowinds was the first amusement park in the world to have one of these inovative, fun rides. Hersheypark got one two years later and it closed 10 years later in 2012. There are currently none of these Setpoint rides in operation. The Carolina Cobra now resides in this location.