Layout of monorail's 2 mile journey.
The 2 mile long Monorail (1973-94) traveled throughout the park, over the parking lot, through a heavily wooded area near I-77 and back over a small man-made lake before re-entering the park. It was quite a scenic journey. There was an additional charge of 75¢ to ride the monorail in 1973 but it was included with admission in 1974 and thereafter. There was talk in 1973 of building a Disney-type hotel for the monorail (Carolina Center) but those plans never materialized. The ride was dismantled at the end of the 1994 season and bought by Preferred Vacations who planned to reassemble the ride in the resort city of Acapulco, Mexico. For some reason the monorail has not been reassembled and although doubtful, may still be in storage, some 19 years later.
The only monorail station was in the Contemporary Carolinas section as seen in the photo above and below. The Speedway ride shared the same building as the monorail. Monorail riders would enter on the top, and Speedway riders would enter on the lower level. Note the change made to the exit ramp in the 1980 photo below compared to the 1974 view above.
Article from Charlotte Observer announcing monorail's 1994 removal.