Look closely in the upper right portion of the photo above and you can see the entrance sign to the Oaken Bucket ride. The Oaken Bucket was basically a themed Rotor ride located in Queens Colony, where standing riders would spin in a drum as the floor beneath them lowered. Centrifugal force would hold riders to the wall as it spun and as the drum's spinning started to slow, the floor would slowly rise and riders would slowly drop to meet the floor. There was also a viewing area for non-riders just above the spinning drum which was always fun to do. The ride opened with the park in 1973 and closed after the 1988 season.

An aerial perspective showing the Oaken Bucket's location in the Queens Colony. This section was re-named "Old World Marketplace" in 1982. Note the Heritage Theater building just above the monorail track in left photo above. You can also see how close the monorail came to the Oaken Bucket and it was always fun to look at spinning riders as you glided by. It was not uncommon for people to lose their lunch on this ride causing a temporary shut-down in order to hose it down.
Above is a 1976 map which shows the location of the Oaken Bucket and surrounding attractions.
< The rare photo on the left clearly shows the entrance to the Oaken Bucket ride. The drum where riders would stand was actually recessed about 15 feet below ground. After you entered under the sign, you would take stairs down to enter the ride.