Some original buildings of Carowinds
What is now a Panda Express, started in 1973 as a Royal Morsels food stand. It was changed to a hot dog stand in 1982, the Sausage Haus in 1987, Marketplace Treats & Snacks in 1991, a taco stand in 1996 and "chicken wings & popcorn shrimp" in 2001.
Celebrating 40 years of homestyle cooking was the Country Kitchen. When it first opened, it was the only air-conditioned restaurant at Carowinds. In 2014, the Country Kitchen was reborn and is now a Chick-fil-A. The building itself is still basically the same.
Back in 1973, this building was the "Black Bear Train Depot" in what was called the Frontier Outpost section of Carowinds. After the train closed in 1977, it became an arcade. It then became "Cyclone Hats" in 1993, "Blue Ridge Crafters" home crafts in 1995, "Blue Ridge Mining" gift shop in 1999, and "Carolina Cove" nautical gifts in 2003. It is now the home of "Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt".
The covered bridge has bascially stayed the same since 1973 with just a few minor changes here and there. It was originally the only link between the Queen's Colony and Country Crossroads area. Today, it is a link between Planet Snoopy and Carolina R.F.D.
There is actually 1 building left from the original circle of buildings known as Troubadour's Roost in Frontier Outpost. It is the Pier 73 building (seen above) in what is now known as the Carolina Boardwalk section. This structure started out as Jake's Leather & Crafts in 1973. It later became the "Appalachian Trader" store, a Wood Crafts store and the Glass Blowers shop that was originally located in the front of the park. In the early 2000's it became a "Cyber Sez" Virtual Reality game.
Of all the shops located in the original Plantation Square, the only building that managed to survive the wrecking ball is what is now the Edy's Ice Cream shop. It started out as a Camera store in 1973, selling mainly film and cameras along with other souvenirs. When Paramount took over in 1993 and this small section of the park changed its name to "Paramount Plaza" that same year. Cedar Fair now calls this section "Carowinds Plaza" and I believe this buildings days are numbered from the 2016 expansion plans that were mentioned.
This building, located in the Carolina Showplace section of Carowinds, has always housed games ever since it opened in 1973. The building was originally called the "Whatchamacallit" in 1974 (according to the maps) and then "Midway Games" during the late 70's. It had the "Fascination" game which was popular in the 80's along with other popular games of that time. The buildings design and structure have changed very little over the past 43 years.
When this dog-legged shape building opened in 1973, the far end with the pink canopy was an open air artists arcade. There, you could sit patiently for 20 minutes and have 1 of 4 artists draw a caricature of you for a measly price. It was very popular for the first few years. On this end was the Magic Shop, also very popular. The artists were out and gifts were in, during the 80's. One of the more memorable shops, located in what is now the "Crave" shop (pink canopy) was the "Grand Coaster Station", which opened in 1994. You could search through an amazing collection of apparel, glassware and knick-knacks with your favorite coaster logo on it. Also in '94, a Sporting apparel store with college & pro teams was in what is now "Personal Tees". In 2001 the entire building became one store known as "Girl Space". Fashion apparel for the gals.
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