The Barn Yard was a petting zoo that had more than your typical farm animals. It was also the home of Miss Vicki, Carowinds' prized baby elephant. The Barn Yard was a short-lived attraction located in the southeastern corner of the park, and was removed after the 1976 season. According to a recent email I received, the original property owners (the McClelland's) agreed to the sale their property with a few stipulations listed in the deed. One, was that they wanted a petting zoo to be built to represent the property's long farming past. This is very interesting information and much appreciated!
This image from an old 1976 Carowinds map shows several lost attractions in the County Crossroads section. The barn structure is still in use today although the building has been slightly modified over the decades.
Today, the old barnyard structure that was part of the Barnyard petting zoo at Carowinds between 1973-74, serves as the entrance and gift shop to the new Dinosaur's Alive attraction in 2013.