The Powder Keg (1973-2009) took riders on a refreshing 1,700ft flume ride. It was located in the Queen's Colony area of the park and has always been one of the parks most popular rides with waiting times well over an hour on those hot summer days.

The Queen's Colony area was re-named "Old World Marketplace" in 1982, and then re-named "Nickelodeon Central" in 2003. The name Powder Keg Flume was also changed to "The Wild Thornberry's River Adventure". Sadly, the park felt it necessary to scrap the flume for the new hyper-coaster "Intimidator" which opened in 2010.

Three views of the flume as seen from the Skytower taken between 1973 and 2003. The small mountain was barely noticeable from the heavy tree growth over the years. The flume was one of the last few original rides left in the park when it was dismantled in 2009.
Photo of the flume being dismantled in May, 2009
Photos of the "Intimidator" which opened on flume site in March, 2010.