Guests at Carowinds could test their skill with a flintlock rifle at the Sharpshooter shooting gallery in Frontier Outpost. Two additional games, the Possum Pitch and Stick'em Up, were added to each end of the shooting gallery in 1976 and the entire building was converted to the Red Dog Saloon in 1978. Then it became Casey's Grill in the 90's and finally was demolished in 2002 for the addition of the Ricochet Wild Mouse coaster. This area is now known as "Carolina Boardwalk".
The view of the Frontier Outpost section (left) was taken from the Cable Skyway in 1973. This area was home to the Black Bear Train Station, one of three train depot's.
Construction photo showing the structures in the Frontier Outpost section. A small, circular, open-air theater known as Troubadour's Roost was also a popular attraction. It was located in the center of several western themed shops, the largest being Uncle Jakes's Woodcrafts. Troubadour's Roost was home to a world-class puppet show until 1976 and then a bird show until the early 80's.
You can compare this 2013 birdseye view to the B&W construction view and see there are actually 2 buildings from that photo still in existance today at Carowinds. What was once known as the Frontier Outpost area is now known as the Carolina Boardwalk area. The old Black Bear train depot has managed to survive the wrecking ball. It became the Frontier Arcade right after the train was removed and has been a variety of things since then. It is currently a yogurt stand. Hooray for yogurt! The building in the lower left portion of the photo above was part of Troubadour's Roost. It has also been a variety of different stores and is currently a shop called Pier 73.