The Skyway opened with the park in 1973 and was removed after the 1981 season. This was a relatively short skyway, using only 3 support towers. In the postcard view above, a cable car departs the Frontier Outpost landing, gliding over the Goldrusher coaster and then over the Sternwheeler as seen in the view below. The postcard view below was actually photographed from the top of a support tower, facing east towards the Queen's Colony landing. You can also see a portion of the monorail and the Heritage Theater in the distance. The photos on the right were taken in 1980.
The skyway gondolas soar over 100 feet above the park at it's highest point. In the distant horizon, the new Carolina Cyclone awaits skyway riders in the Frontier Outpost area in this 1980 photo courtesy Doug Garner.
I included this 1976 map showing the skyway stations and some of the surrounding attractions. The left photo is the Queen's Colony station and the Frontier Outpost station is on the right. When the Skyway closed after the 1981 season, the Queens Colony station was converted to the "Cafe Italiano" restaurant. That same year, the section of the park was changed from "Queens Colony" to "Old World Marketplace". The 2 station structures are still being used today. The former Cafe Italiano is now a gift shop and the other landing in the Frontier Outpost section (which changed to Blue Ridge Junction in 1982) still houses a restaurant.