Carowinds #2 steam locomotive (1973-77) was simply known as "Ole Blue" according to a former Carowinds engineer I spoke with recently. Very few photos exist of the #2 locomotive seen above as it departs the Plantation Square depot.

Melodia (aka #1) was the other narrow-gauge steam locomotive that ran at Carowinds between 1973-77. It was a sparkling red & gold train with a long history. Named after it's original owner's first love, it possesses a rich heritage that began in the cane fields of Louisiana in 1897. It continued this until 1946 until being bought by a collector in Florida in 1947. That owner finally sold it in 1959 where it sat unrestored in small parks in NC and Alabama before Carowinds bought it in 1971. The trains encircled the park clockwise with stops at depots in Frontier Outpost, Country Crossroads and Plantation Square. Sadly, Carowinds removed the trains after the 1977 season although the carriages remained in the park at least until 1980. Another huge loss for the Carolina theme park.

Melodia, seen here as it departs the Black Bear Train Depot in the Frontier Outpost section of the park. This was 1 of 3 train depots for the Carowinds railroad.
Carowinds still retains it's smaller Shortline RR which originated in the back of the park between 1973-75. The track layout was modified slightly but fortunately it was saved and relocated to the front of the park in 1976 where it remains to this day. It is known today as "Snoopy's Junction".
Train carriages left on track in 1980 - HERE